This is web hosting with a cause.

We provide FREE web hosting for humane services based charities and TAX DEDUCTIBLE business web hosting.

Hosting is caring. 


Charity is caring!

“ is committed to provided the highest level of 

professional hosting for businesses and individuals who wish to contribute to a better world.”


100% of all donations are fully tax deductible for all donors.



45% of expenses incurred by businesses and individuals on services are considered quid pro quo tax non-profit donations and are tax deductible funds per IRS statutes.



“Paid account contributions and donations are put to work to support funding for humanitarian charities as well as provide them with free professional web hosting.”



Your contributions make the world of a difference! Both, paid services and donations are  claimable as tax deductions while supporting charities that serve the needy around the globe.  It’s a win win!

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