Optimal Web Hosting

Resources available for Optimal Web Hosting plans. 

CPU max percentages are unmetered, SSD space is on hardware RAID 10, 60,000 files per 1 GB (inode limit), Network link is 1 Gbps unmetered:

Charity 10:
200% CPU, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD, 256 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 20: 
200% CPU, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD, 256 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 40:
400% CPU, 8 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD, 512 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 80: 
600% CPU, 12 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD, 512 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 160: 
800% CPU, 16 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD, 1024 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 320:  
1200% CPU, 20 GB RAM, 320 GB SSD, 1024 MB PHP max mem per process

Charity 640+ Custom: 24 to 36 CPU Cores, Up to 128 GB RAM, Up to 2 TB+ SSD RAID 10, 1024+ PHP max memory per process

* Contact [email protected] for Quotes required for custom resources for Charity Custom/Charity Reseller Custom.

In order to guarantee that customers are provided a service level consistent with the high expectations of both CharityHost.org and our customers, we have the following Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering service interruptions related to network, power, and hardware.

Our Web Servers are optimized for stability and availability.  Resource usage is assigned per account plan.  When an account reaches it’s limits, it will not consume resources above the amount allowed.  This makes sure that we are mitigating performance and downtime due to overloads on the cloud servers and the busy neighbor effect.   Accounts may be upgraded with no downtime to scale to your resource needs.

All accounts have a networking speed burst up to 1 Gbps, unlimited total inbound/outbound networking. 

99.999% Uptime on Power and Network Guaranteed

Charity Host will provide each cloud and dedicated server client 99.999% uninterrupted transit to the Internet and 99.999% uninterrupted electrical power to each dedicated server. In the event that CharityHost fails to provide 99.999% uptime to do so, customers are eligible to receive an account credit proportionate to the amount of time that the affected service was inaccessible. SLA credits will be awarded as follows:

• For the first fifteen minutes of cumulative downtime occurred during the course of a billing month, a credit equal to five percent of the monthly recurring fees will be awarded to the client for each directly affected service.
• Should service interruption exceed that first fifteen minute period for a particular service, a five percent credit will be awarded to the client for each one hour period of cumulative downtime thereafter for that service. Credits are awarded on a per service basis, meaning each billing service is considered a unique SLA credit and awarded accordingly. The service interruption accrued by an individual server is considered independent of that accrued by another server and, as such, credited independent of any other interrupted services.
Charity Host will not be held liable for unreported downtime in situations where the downtime is isolated to a single customer. In the event that the customer takes longer than one hour to report downtime, the customer forfeits the SLA credit for time prior to one hour before submitting the ticket.

Four Hour Hardware Replacement SLA

Charity Host guarantees to replace failed hardware components in regularly stocked dedicated servers at no cost to the client within a four hours of diagnosis by the CharityHost staff. In the event CharityHost does not replace the failed hardware within four hours of the time we diagnose the problem to be the hardware, we will credit your account for five days of service, calculated based on the cost of the monthly recurring fees directly related to the interrupted service.

Receiving SLA credits

No account credit shall be issued until an SLA credit request is made by the client. All requests for credits must be made within five days of the incident and after the incident is completed or no further service interruption is expected due to the incident. All requests for credits must be made by submitting a billing ticket.

Additional Conditions

SLA credits shall not exceed 100% of the monthly recurring fees associated with the service credited.
Service interruption that is caused by equipment and/or events that are the effect of or under the control of the client.
No part of this agreement shall cover loss of power or network as a result of the client’s utilization of remote power or network management tools that may be made available to them by CharityHost.
No part of this agreement covers service interruption that is caused by one or more devices on our network being the target or source of a DoS, DDoS, or other form of malicious attack.
No part of this agreement covers outages or other service interruption that is caused by scheduled or emergency network and systems maintenance.
Billing related service interruptions are not eligible unless they are a result of human error by a representative of Charity Host. Services experiencing billing related downtime as a result of the action or inaction of an automated system (such as a PayPal subscription) are ineligible for SLA credits.
Service interruptions that are caused by the misconfiguration or mismanagement by the customer (e.g. an incorrect network configuration on the device) are not eligible.

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