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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Site Needs SEO

If you have not already search engine optimized your site, you might be wondering. “Why on earth do I need SEO?”, or “What is SEO?”, or maybe you are curious like I was a few years back and are asking “How can I get started with SEO?”

Well, if you fall into any of those three categories, then this post is for you. And before I go on with the I believe to be the top 10 reasons your site needs SEO, I would like to start by answering quickly, those questions.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization in the simplest terms, is you providing information that will help search engines figure out the core information that is on each page of your website.

Why on earth do I need SEO?

You need it because you want to get found on the internet.

How can I get started with SEO?

Well, if you do not already have a website, then you will need to get a hosting account which I will get into later, but if you already have, then you can wait for the next post in our SEO series that will target the specifics.

So now, let’s get started with the top ten reasons your site needs SEO.


There is no point in having a website if you are not going to search optimize it (especially for business). It’s like having an office, and not listing it in the yellow pages (in those years when it was a big deal).

Now, you might be saying “Well, I didn’t do SEO but people find me on google. I’m on page one at that!!!” Well, that is good for you, but guess what, it’ll likely only last until your competitors do SEO and kick you down to page 3 or after. I am sure most of you never go past page 3 of your Google Search.


If you are running a small business, for example, you can either hire someone to do your SEO within your marketing budget or simply, do it yourself. This is not to say you do not need an SEO company, but it is to say that you can get started on your own.

You might be wondering why a web hosting company will be telling you about doing SEO. “Is their work not just to sell domains, and hosting plans?” The simple answer is that we want to see you grow. We do not want you to waste your investment by just owning a website and not doing what is right so as to drive organic traffic to your site.

For example, most CMS have a good number of SEO plugins to help you simplify the work, and this is why you should consider doing SEO for yourself.


Did you know that when done right, SEO will help you to generate leads, and reach the appropriate investors for your business? This is because when the right set of people find you because you have informed search engines the right set of keywords that point to your business, your investors and potential customers are more likely to find you and do business with you.

Google stated that of the people that search local businesses, 50% of them visited the business the same day. So, you see, it doesn’t just get you found. It also gets you noticed and loved.


If you (or your business) is active on social media, the content that you and your friends or customers share on social networks will be directly related to your SEO-specific parameters, and hence help you appear more in search rankings.

To explain this better, you can remember that there are times you search for something online, and then you see results from a post that your friends searched? Yeah, that’s what I mean.


The easiest way to understand this is simple. If you search your business name right now, are ou number one on google search?, if not then your journey to SEO has not even begun.

The chances that you will want to do business with you is low if you can’t find your business in first place for your business name search on google or other search engines.


One of the good things about SEO is that it can self-improve. What I mean is this, once you have used the right set of keywords, you can practically sit back and relax and watch your site rise in rankings for that keyword without doing anything extra.

This is because you have told google to show people your page when they are searching some keywords and then once they find your page interesting the first time, there is a higher chance they will click on your page again for other keywords, and this increases your trust with Google, thereby meaning that Google bots will be more ready to put you higher for your keywords.

All this happens by you doing nothing extra.


Not doing SEO means missing out on free ads. Remember that SEO lets you choose how your business should be seen in search results. Hence, you are carefully crafting how you want your business to be portrayed, and this, my friends, is free advertising.

If your search results are showing random text when people search you up, you might be on your way to dropping down the ranks. but once you are holding up well and look much organized in the search results, then you are on your way to getting more leads for free.


SEO is your digital contact card and can greatly multiply your impact by getting your website in front of targeted eyeballs. This is why most companies prefer to contract out their SEO to companies. If you can’t afford to do this, still do it yourself. The idea is to keep moving.

SEO is like having multiple business cards that can filter in new people that are ready to do business with you. Isn’t this awesome?


I can assure you that people always research. GE Capital Retail said that according to their research, 81% of shoppers research and compare products online before making a local purchase, while other researchers have also put this number at over 90%.

Now the interesting aspect is that Moz explained that according to their statistics, 71.33% of clicks happen right on page one of the search results.

The sure-fire way to get on page one is to ensure that you do SEO for your site.


When you tie in your SEO to your Web analytics data, which I recommend, you will notice that some of your keywords have a higher conversion rate than others, and this can help you predict what your readers will respond better to, and also target them more appropriately.

The returns of SEO can be so great that it has been likened to real estate. You can’t miss it once you get it right.

Now, you didn’t think I will forget about the website part, well this is not because I want to market to you, but because I want to brag to you that Charity Host has the fastest web hosting around.

I mean, what is the point of having good SEO when your page won’t load up insanely fast. Page load speed is an integral part of the user experience and can help you to rank higher in search rankings because people are more likely to click your site the next time they find it in a search result because they know your site will load right away.

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Google Digital Garage

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Google Digital Garage is for you, irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or someone who is looking to expand his business digitally. You\’ll come to find that Google Digital Garage meets all online marketing needs when you begin.

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LinkedIn developed \”small businesses marketing\”, \”lead generation\”, and \”social media for small businesses\” majorly with small and medium businesses in mind. These courses are not free, but they offer them with a month free trial. You can take advantage of the free trial and use the opportunity to finish the course. Focusing on the areas of the course that you need during the course can aid you in finishing the course in one month.

The HubSpot Academy

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The academy\’s social media marketing course is for you if you are looking to improve on social media skills, make a mark in the world of social media. Content marketing is another course that everyone interested in digital marketing should focus on because that is the core of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses with FutureLearn

FutureLearn is absolutely for you if you are looking for alternate programs to Udemy and Skillshare.

The free digital marketing curricula offered on FutureLearn is one to look out for on their platform. They also offer paid courses if you are looking to dive deeper or see something else that you are interested in.

Ahrefs Academy

Ahrefs Academy offers free SEO courses. New users of the academy might be interested in the \”Marketing with Ahrefs short course.\” 

Apart from the marketing courses offered on Ahrefs that will make you conversant with their tools, you should also know that Ahrefs Academy is also offering free courses dealing with blogging for business. Ahrefs Academy has promised the course will equip you with the knowledge that will help grow your traffic to over 100 thousand a month.

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Social Media

Building an online presence at this age is essential to businesses just starting, and those that are giants in their respective industry. To build a Digital Presence, you need to set up Social Media pages for your business. Having social media pages is a standard way to drive traffic to your website to further communicate with your potential customers. 

You can use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, and others to plan your social media posts as well as scheduling them. This will help you to avoid inconsistency in your delivery on social media.

Influencer Marketing

When trying out influencer marketing, we advise that businesses go for the micro-influencers because they usually have a high level of engagement with their followers. a following of one thousand to thirty thousand (1,000 – 30,000) should do. 

You can also turn your customers to influencers by leveraging on platforms like TrustPilot. You can use TrustPilot to assist new and existing customers to give reviews of your services and products. The goal is to get more positive reviews to attract more potential customers to trust your business. You can also use keywords to find the most shared content across social media platforms via BuzzSumo

Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business and Bing Places are platforms you want to set up your business profile to aid with search engine optimization through regular and map search. Setting up your business on these platforms will make your business show up in search result queries in your region and also on Maps as they will improve your position in search due to proximity. You need to make sure that your business is seen in search results made by customers, especially those searching in your location.

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