Is Your E-Commerce Website Ready to Handle Huge Traffic?

Is Your E-Commerce Website Ready to Handle Huge Traffic?

Today, most businesses prefer an e-commerce platform instead of a brick and mortar store. So, if you have an e-commerce website, you know it is not easy to increase the amount of traffic. You might have even hired some digital marketers to help increase the traffic on your e-commerce website.

Did You Notice Anything Different?

Have you started getting huge amount of traffic on your site, but not getting the conversions? Are you wondering the reason behind this?

There could be many scenarios why you are not able to convert your traffic into clients:

  • May be your customers are not able to make payment after adding a product to the cart.
  • Maybe your site is taking too much time to load, resulting in loss of interest from potential customers.
  • Or simply, your site is not able to handle huge traffic and crashing.

But Why Is It Happening?

It might be happening because of the web hosting that you have chosen for your site. For the growth of every business, it’s really important to choose a reliable web hosting service that offers maximum uptime, fast loading speed, DDOS protection, and many other features.

How to Make Your E-Commerce Website Ready for Huge Traffic?

One of the most important aspects on which organizations really need to pay attention is choosing the right hosting for the site. Most of the businesses give priority to create quality content, while hosting takes a back seat. Failure to choosing the right hosting for your business can lead to disaster. You can experience

  • Too much downtime
  • Slow load times
  • Security issues
  • Negative impact on SEO Ranking

If your site is not ready to handle huge traffic, getting a sudden burst of traffic could crash your site leading to a poor user experience. You should immediately upgrade or switch your hosting to a better web host. While shared hosting might be the right option for startups and SMBs, once you start getting huge amount of traffic on your site, it’s better to upgrade your hosting package or switch to CharityHost for better web hosting experience.  CharityHost allocates much more server resources per web hosting account than you will get with any web hosting, private VPS and cloud server out there for the same cost.  If you know you really need the resources and power of a cloud server or VPS, consider a Fully Managed and Supported Virtual Server that can handle much more than the competition for less or the same cost.  CharityHost offers the highest performing SSD based fully managed cloud servers proven by benchmarks compared to the competition.

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