Benefits of Having a Website for Your Podcast

Benefits of Having a Website for Your Podcast

What are the benefits of having a website for your podcast? Do you even need a podcast website? If you are looking to answer the questions listed above, then this blog post is for you. We will be answering these questions during the discussion, keep reading.

One benefit of having a website for your podcast is to be able to customize the look and feel of your podcast. You may have a very great podcast host, but sometimes there are limits in terms of what you can do to customize it.

Another great benefit to having a website for your podcast is that it will go a long way to growing your brand or platform online.

Creating a website is more crucial when there is a side hustle or an online business you are trying to get podcast listeners to notice. You could be a jeweler who makes podcasts about jewelry.

You want to lead your podcast listeners to your website so they can see all of the amazing products that you offer and hopefully, they will buy some.

When you have a website, it will work for everyone. All you have to do is send your podcast listeners to that one link, and they can listen to your podcast on any device, whether it is a laptop or a smartphone.

This begs the important question, Do you need a custom website for your podcast? The answer for most podcasters would be no. This is because if your podcast has an RSS feed with a podcast host like Buzzsprout Pro chances are that you already have a podcast website.

With these kinds of websites, you get a homepage with links to all of your podcast episodes that your listeners can listen to. You can also direct them to other podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Podchaser if they want to listen and subscribe there. You can also use your domain name so that it can look and feel like your podcast website.

If you want your website to be custom-made, you need to know what you want your website to do. Are you trying to get people to sign up for your email list? Do you want a contact form, so that clients can contact you for work? The goals you want the podcast website to fulfill will determine the look, feel, and optimization of such a website.

You also need to think about your budget. Do you want to bootstrap it or do you want to hire someone? You can build the website yourself if you feel you can not afford a professional website builder.

However, whatever your budget is, you can reach out to CharityHost and we would advise you on the best course of action. We will also set a website up for you that will satisfy your needs in the long run.

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