How to Create Amazing Web Stories for Your Website

Stories are slowly creeping into all aspects of our lives. Ever since Snapchat created its amazing app and had its format replicated on Facebook, Instagram, and more recently Twitter and LinkedIn, albeit with different names, it is easier to see why web stories are also important for website owners.

Google web stories is a brand new thing, and a lot of people are wondering if this “new big thing” is worth their time. It is looking sexy, and it is coming to Google search results. They have just released a plugin for WordPress that allows you to make these stories.

The current reality is that these web stories are not being shown yet on a wide-scale basis on Google search results. You have seen these types of web stories before, they were originally featured on Instagram and Facebook, and it is known on Twitter as fleet as they recently joined the stories bandwagon. To see what these web stories look like, go to google and search for “CNN web stories” on your smartphone. Scroll down and click on one of the stories shown. Cool right?

To create Google Web Stories, you would need to get it from Google as it is still in the beta phase. Click here to download the plugin. The actual plugin will be out pretty soon. There are various expressive templates available on the page.

The final version of Google Web Stories will include animation and page attachment support. Once you have downloaded the plugin, ensure that you upload and activate the plugin on your website. There will be a new item on your dashboard list that is named stories. To make things easier, you can create a story based on the existing templates shown.

Editing a template of your choice will take you to a neat editor builder for making these stories. You have options to include and edit Images, Texts, and Shapes. The workflow will go thus; you create a blog post, you create a web-story, then you publish the web-story, after which you take the link to the web-story, and you insert it into your blog post, then the two will be linked up.

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