Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2021

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We live in such an amazing time to own a business. The business world has evolved away from struggling with various tasks that you have to employ another’s service to complete tasks that you could not get done on your own.

The numerous range of applications out there now helps business owners to complete various tasks in their business with little or no stress attached. The applications aid you in running your business better as they provide you with the freedom to do almost anything that you want to do.

There are so many apps for small businesses out there that you can explore. We are going to save you some time by providing you with some of the best apps out there that will help you make the decision process a lot easier.


You cannot avoid the regular filling and creation of forms and contracts when you are a businessman, or when you run a business. Even though filling out forms and signing deals and contracts is not easy, it is unavoidable. The SignEasy app makes the signing and form-filling processes easy and you do not even need to carry a pen around. All you need to do is to download the app on your devices and begin signing forms, deals, and contracts while transferring documents and files out for signatures by just tapping a few buttons on the screen of your phone.


Over 70 per cent of websites that we have present-day are built using the WordPress platform. We can say that WordPress is the most popular content management system that we have right now. WordPress is so popular because it makes it so much easier for bloggers and business owners to build a professional website that will represent their brand in the best possible light.

Microsoft Office 365

You will most likely be on the go as a businessman, and there are situations where you will need access to some information on your hard drive, desktop, or laptop computer when they are miles away from you. Microsoft 365 makes it possible for you to run and operate all your tasks and projects while on the move. This feature from Microsoft 365 saves time while increasing productivity. The Microsoft Office Suite is a Computer-based application, but you can also have the suite on your smartphone.

Head to Google PlayStore or Apple Store and download Office. You can resume the work you are doing on your computer on your phone or online. You can work wherever and however you want, such freedom.


Slack is available both on desktop and mobile apps, and the app is useful for any team within a business. The application is optimized for businesses as even the look is more formal as compared to other apps like WhatsApp.

Communication on the Slack app is mostly easy with direct messaging and conference calls. It also features organized conversations via categorized groups and sub-groups so that communication is more direct and streamlined. You can also integrate Google Drive, Asana, Dropbox, and other tools into your Slack app.


Typos on your document or contract can constitute a nuisance to your work and present you as a novice and nonchalant businessman. It also features extensions that you can install on your browser.

When you do install Grammarly as an extension on your browser, it will automatically check everything that is typed within your browser. Say goodbye to typos on your documents as you install Grammarly on your browser and download their keyboard on your smartphone.


DropBox helps you to keep all your files together in one place so that you can have access to the files on the go. A built-in scanner scans the files to prevent you from getting a virus on your devices. With DropBox, you can maintain a shared drive within your team, and you can also sync these documents together on the shared drive such that you all can work on the documents simultaneously.

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