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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Hosting Plan

Before you start looking for an eCommerce hosting plan, you need to understand that eCommerce web hosting differs from simple web hosting. E-commerce web-hosting offers additional benefits such as SSL certificate, database support, payment gateways, shopping cart, additional security etc.

Basically, an e-commerce web hosting is a system that offers required tools and space to an organization to run a retail store online without any server-side hiccups. Here are a few things you need to consider while choose a hosting service for your e-commerce website.


E-store must be available all time. A reliable host service helps you to stay online and guarantees consistent up-time. Site’s loading speed is another thing that you can get from a reliable host as slow loading pages irritate customers. It can affect your conversions too. So, choose a web hosting service that ensures high availability of your site, with no or minimal downtime.

Bandwidth and storage space

Your e-commerce business is likely to expand in the long run. Your site will need more pages and storage space to display your products. Choose a web hosting service that offers no bandwidth restriction. This will save you from the inconvenience of purchasing additional space or moving your site to another server.

Security & Support

Most of the buyers prefer to buy from an e-commerce site that offers a secured experience. Make sure to choose a web hosting service that offers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. The SSL makes the risk of theft by hackers negligible. Don’t forget to check for 24*7 support availability as well.

Additional benefits

Choose a hosting provider that offers a web server, website design tools, and add-ons along with your server. Basically, opt for a hosting that offers you ready to use frameworks that you can use to customize, create and enhance your website with less technical knowledge.

Multiple website management with single admin panel

Every e-commerce business starts with the aim of expansion; hence choose a hosting provider who allows you to manage multiple websites through a single admin panel. This will help you in expanding your business base and earning more customers.

Choosing the right web hosting service for your e-commerce site can be a bit tricky, but if you have enough information and adequate knowledge, you can make the right decision. Get in touch with Charity Host about your eCommerce website hosting needs today!

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider

Everyone knows that in order to make your website available on the Internet, you have to get hosting to host your content online. But you shouldn’t just settle for any host, though. For the most part, the hosting industry is full of web hosts that provide a low level service for cheap, to only provide subpar performance, security and support and push those customers to pay more for higher level plans they would not need if the web host would honor their plan as set forth by their marketing.  This is called bait switch marketing.  Akin to how Internet services market bandwidth that is 5 to 10 times faster than what they actually provide the service with.  Test a web host with free trial to make sure it meets your expectations and needs before you commit to something that is not well represented during the ordering process. There are a lot of things that you have to consider when choosing a web hosting service provider. The following pointers from us can help you avoid a lot of agitation and trouble later down the road.