Understanding Your Visitor Behavior & Increasing Conversions

Understanding Your Visitor Behavior & Increasing Conversions

There is a whole lot more to having a website than just the design and hosting aspect. You need to pay attention to your website and understand how users interact with it. This information, when properly understood and analyzed can, in turn, give you the information needed to give your users the best website experience.

Understanding your visitor behavior will always give you the information needed when it comes to increasing conversions.

Microsoft Clarity is an online service that could help you run diagnostics of how your website visitors experience your online store. Microsoft clarity records sessions on your website and allows you to play it back. Is that not amazing? You will see what your visitors are doing on your page.

Clarity is also used to create heat maps, which are used to compile visitors’ data information into insights and give you a lightweight analytics-style dashboard from that you can get some actionable insights.

Microsoft Clarity is not a replacement for Google Analytics even though Clarity has some analytics features in it. It is best to use both services, Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity, Concurrently.

To get the Microsoft Clarity service added to your website, you will need to create an account. Clarity can connect to your Google account. After you create the new account, you proceed to add a new project, which is having you input your website name, website address, and website category. You will need to set the Clarity up on your website with the use of a tracking code, which is what you will be adding to your website.

You can integrate Clarity with Google Analytics on your website to get better and deeper insights on your website. Instructions for integrating Google Analytics with Microsoft Clarity can be found on the Google Analytics integration page.

WordPress users are not left out, as WordPress integration is also available. When the Clarity service has been set up, it can take about 30 minutes to a few hours before you begin to see the analytics, including the session recordings.

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