5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Copywriter

5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Copywriter

Most people start up with copywriting either as a passion that people notice and as them to commercialize or by a desire to make easy money. One thing though that remains a fact is that at some point not so long after being referred to as a copywriter will realize that there’s a lot of skill and strategy that goes with copywriting.

In this post we want to offer some tips/ideas for becoming a better copywriter. We really hope you can get tips here that will take your writing game to the next level. We will also love to know if you found our tips helpful.

Tip #1 – Use Reddit Threads

The Reddit online platform is a copywriting goldmine. To use the Reddit platform effectively, head over to a sub-Reddit where your customer hangs out, then take a look at threads that have a lot of comments. For example, If you just launched a skincare product, you head over to the skincare subreddits and search for products.

At this point, you need to pay attention to the exact words and phrases that people use to describe what they like and do not like about the products that they have tried so far. You can find tons of copy in just one thread that would work great for a landing page, Google or Facebook Ad.

Tip #2 – Use Short Sentences

A good rule of thumb that applies to pretty much everything that you write is that “SHORTER SENTENCES = BETTER COPY”. This is not just sweet talk. There is data to back it up. A study conducted by the American Press Institute revealed that comprehension drops lower with the average sentence length of a copy.

The institute went ahead to say that short sentences are about 711% easier to read and understand. The institute marked an average sentence length of eight words to be perfectly adequate, while they marked a 14 worded copy as fair, and 43 words as a disaster. In essence, to improve the understanding of your audience as a copywriter, break sentences up or better still, condense them.

Tip #3 – The Slippery Slide

Here is the deal, you can have the best copy in the world, but if people stop reading the page after the first sentence, then your copy did not work. The main goal of your copy is to make people keep reading. Joe Sugarman, a legendary copywriter, once said: “The sole purpose of the first sentence in an Ad is to get you to read the second sentence.” The best way to achieve this is to use “The Slippery Slide”.

A slippery slide is when you add something to your page or post, designed to keep people glued and reading. For example, you could tell a little story at the beginning of your sales letter and wait till the end of your sales letter before you finish the story. You could also refer to something that is coming up later in your blog post.

Tip #4 – Super Specific Headlines

You have probably seen these old copywriting statistics before; “80% of people read the headline, and only 20% read the copy.” We have no idea if the statistic is accurate but do know that your headline is super important. One of the best ways to improve your headline and make it more effective is to use super-specific headlines.

Super-specific headlines are headlines that will tell your readers exactly what they are going to get. For example, using the headline “Save More Time the Easy Way” is way less effective when compared to “Save 2 Hours Per Day with These 7 Productivity Hacks.” The second headline is much more compelling because it is super-specific.

Tip #5 – Use Fear Of Missing Out

Better known as FOMO, this concept can make your copy ten times more effective. While it does not work in every situation, it is worth exploring. This concept is better used when you are looking to trigger a strong reaction from your prospect in a motion that makes them want to listen closely to what you have to say. Emphasizing that your offer closes at a date and time can motivate your prospect from signing up and purchase that product or service.

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