Why You should use WordPress to Manage Your Blog as an Online Coach

Why You should use WordPress to Manage Your Blog as an Online Coach

A common trend by Online Coaches is to host all of their websites, funnels, and content on Clickfunnels and while this is not a bad idea, it can counterproductive.

As a coach, you are trying to make life easier for other people from around the world and you also need to make life even easier for yourself. These are a couple of other reasons why we believe that you should use WordPress to manage your blog as an online coach.

Being an online coach is usually a mix of exciting and tasking which is why it is important and necessary to use all tools at your disposal to make the job much easier.

Using just ClickFunnels and similar software only as an online coach makes you lose out on many other features, leads, and possibly sales. Please know that with ClickFunnels, you are only hosting, not managing and this is where the limitations come in.

You may be wondering what the way out is. Managing a blog side by side with your ClickFunnels will enable you to unlock productivity on a whole new level as an online coach.

With running your WordPress based you are exposed to better design templates and amazing plugins. A much more in-depth SEO as well as loads of monetization opportunities as well as integrations if you please.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is widely supported by the top SEO tools in the market and since there are a lot of integrations possible, you can automate a lot of processes and even fill your mailing list much faster on ClickFunnels.

Full content control and Easier content management mean that productivity is heightened because you’ll begin to use the lesser time to achieve all of the aforementioned tasks.

As an online coach, if you would like us to set up your WordPress blog for you, you can contact us and we would be happy to do just that for you.

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