Why Donald Trump Owns over 3000 Domain Names

It is no news that Donald Trump owns more than 3000 domain names, including domains such as ihatetrumpvodka.com and donaldtrumpsucks.com

It is very well the case that most people who own anything close to 100 domain names are most likely domain hoarders, but looking through the list of domain names that Mr. Trump owns, one would see that it has nothing to do with domain hoarding because the end game of domain hoarding is to sell the domain names at a higher cost, and this is not the case with Mr. Trump.

Prevention is better than cure

This is the single most reasonable sentence that explains why Donald Trump owns more than 3000 domain names and counting.

While it is impossible to buy the complete list of domain name iterations that people might use that could connect with you or your business, one can at least buy the domain names that can have a high impact site traffic.

So as a business man, it is only logical for him to take steps that will save him the most trouble, hence, the prevention tactics.

Now the real question we should be asking are what is Donald Trump preventing? and the answer can’t be farfetched because he has a whole lot of things to prevent. Let’s have a quick look at some of the things that Donald Trump could be trying to protect.


You will agree with me, that it is pretty easy for a man of Donald Trumps’ caliber to be easily hit with a dent on the image if, for example, you are able to lay hands on a domain name such as “trumpisafool.com” and easily you should be able to post some of the most annoying posts about Mr. Trump and post them online and get a really large following while denting the image of Mr. Trump.
While this can be result of a court case, you have to also understand that it is pretty easy to dent a man’s Image that it is to fix the dented image, So why take a risk at getting his image dented when it can be avoided all together.


As poor as the reason may be, the truth is that the domains bought were also gotten to prevent domain hoarding.
Imagine if a hoarder bought our case study domain “trumpisafool.com” and listed it for sale at just $5000 and someone who was so intent in spoiling his image was ready to buy the domain. The hoarder could, if possible, contact Mr. Trump to get a last minute higher bid before selling the said domain to the first bidder.

At the end you see that there are basically two things that Donald Trump has saved by buying multiple domain names, the first is the liability to his public image and the second is the money that he would have spent on buying off any domain that can have a negative impact.

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