5 Things SMBs Websites Need To Be Successful

5 Things SMBs Websites Need

Building an interactive website has become an imperative for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in today’s competitive world. There are thousands of sites being created on a daily basis all across the globe, but only a handful of them achieve success – have you ever wondered why?

We are going to answer this question for you. There are five elements successful small business website have in order:

1. Great Domain Name

When you are planning to start a small business – you have to consider the “marketing value” of the name of your brand that you’re choosing. If you can’t market your brand’s name, it is never going to register in the minds of your target audience. And if your clientele can’t remember your brand’s name, you will lose business. So, you have to choose a name that is unique and has a charm to it. You have to make sure that the domain name is available and lastly, it should represent the ideals and values of your business. Check if your desired domain name is available here, and register it today!

2. Good Web-Hosting

Once you have the domain name down – it’s time to choose the right hosting! With a plethora of hosting options available in the web hosting world, it is important that you choose the right hosting for your business. You can go through the web hosting packages available here to make a decision. We would recommend you to start with Dedicated or Cloud hosting because as a SMB, you have to consider some room for expansion. As your business grows, you might need that extra room. Remember, a good web host is incredibly important for the success of your business. It is responsible for your website speed, uptime, data storage and many more things.

3. Unique, Engaging and Regular Content

A rookie mistake that most SMBs make is not updating their website or blog content on a regular basis. Initially, you have to ensure that all the website content is unique, fresh, keyword optimized and easily readable. Once the website is set up and live, you have to maintain a blog or journal section that you can use to update content on a regular basis. Fresh content on the site shows your customers that your business is active and growing. A blog can also bring fresh leads and drive more traffic to your website.

4. Upload Only HD Images

Visuals are what attracts and hooks a potential customer to your website. Images can make or break your brand’s reputation. So, avoid outdated stock photos or low quality images on your banners, website or blogs. You need to choose high definition images and illustrations and place them strategically on your website to grab the attention of the customers.

5. Business Oriented Web Design

One thing that every business website needs to map their conversions is call –to- action (CTA). You need to create a goal oriented website design for your business. There should be a clear navigation structure and CTA’s placed in right places to help users reach their goal. You can put CTA’s to get business quotes, contact, subscribe, schedule an appointment etc. Keep in mind to not overdo it as it might be annoying for the users.

There you have it – 5 Things SMBs Website Needs To Be Successful

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