3 ways to Turn a Blog Into a Business

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Are you looking to make some money off your blog especially one that has a decent amount of traffic? If you are interested in how to turn a blog into a business, we will be showing you diverse ways you can make your blog a full-scale business in this guide.

Having your service or product line

Having your product line or rendering your services on your website or blog is a big step and logical way to make money on your blog. You can sell gadgets, ebooks, clothes, and other products. You can even offer services like teaching music or being a life coach.

You must understand your blog’s audience, and make sure that the product or service you are selling is a good fit for your audience. You do not need to limit your blog choosing between selling a product or a service. You can sell varying products and services on your blog. Variations in goods and services will open your business to a much larger audience.

When building your blog for the products or services you want to sell, you should ensure that it accommodates eCommerce functionality. WordPress makes it easier to adopt eCommerce because they have various themes that support eCommerce, making it easy for you to add products and services to your website.


We will cover three types of promotions here which are promotions for other brands, via advertisement, and affiliate marketing.

Promotions for other brand’s products

Promoting the business of other brands is another way of making money on your blog or website. Brands are always trying to expand their customer base, which will directly impact their revenue. Brands will encourage partnerships with blogs that have an existing audience since it will mean more customers.

There are three main ways you can promote products and services for other businesses, but you must be honest and open to your audience to build trust with them. Being honest about what you are doing will not only build trust, but it will also save you from the wrath of the law. It is illegal not to label adverts and other promotional content precisely.

The three ways to promote other businesses’ products and services are advertising, influencer partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

Promoting via Advertising

Promoting other brand’s services and products through advertising is to place adverts on your blog. What you must do is to get registered on an advertising network like Google AdSense, AOL’s ONE, Airpush, Ad Recover, Audience Network on Facebook, and a host of others. After getting registered, you are to add some code to your website and ensure that the adverts are displayed appropriately.

Promotion through adverts is the easiest to set up, but you will need to have traffic in at least five digits to earn a decent income from advertisements on your blog.
Promoting via Influencer partnerships
This kind of promotion is for those that command a significant amount of attention to an engaging audience. Influencer partnerships used to be called “sponsored posts” in the past. Sponsored posts are what influencers do to make money.

It is not easy for influencers to reach out to brands because brands often reach out to the blogs they are interested in working with directly. However, to improve your chances, you can make it quite apparent on your contact page, that you are open to promotions via influencer partnerships.

Thanks to top influencer marketing agencies like Viral Nation, Kairos Media, Obviously, August United and others that connect fitting bloggers with brands, influencer partnerships have become more manageable.

Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a business strategy where you make a commission when your audience purchases a product or service you recommended to them.

To get started, sign up with an affiliate scheme that perfectly suits your blog, and start promoting their products or services. You will tend to make more money off affiliate marketing than you will do via adverts. However, you have a competition to contend with, as several established blogs are into affiliate marketing.

Advertising your blog as a business

Apart from the above-explained ways to make money off your blog, Advertising your blog is also a sure way to make money with your blog. If you want to make your blog a business, then you should advertise it like one. You can promote your blog using any of the following ways.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

You can get your products adverts at the top of search results, on important websites with a large audience, and people’s social media timeline using Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Product and Service Launch emails

With an email list, you can inform people of your new service or product launch. If your new product o service is suited to the audience’s interest built over time, you can sell your products or services via this method.

Influencer Marketing

You can get your product or services in the faces of your potential customers with the help of influencer marketers. Influencer marketers include but are not limited to social media marketers and blogger-influential partners.

You can ask influencers to help share your blog posts featuring affiliate links. However, ensure you are creating content that is high-quality and interesting for high-profile people in your industry. Doing this is to ensure that they will be willing to share with their audience.

Make sure you are not hosting a blog on a free platform because it will be counterproductive. Using a free blog means that you will not earn money off your blog; no adverts, no eCommerce functionality.

If you are having trouble with the speed of your blog or other technical issues that you feel might be a result of your hosting platform, feel free to reach out to us. We want to help you.

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