Linux Vs Windows hosting: Which one to choose?

Planning to buy web hosting for your business? Do you feel confused between Linux web hosting and windows web hosting? You have come to the right place!

Let us help you to choose between Linux and Windows hosting. Keep reading to learn more about Linux and Windows hosting.

Linux hosting

Here are some pros and cons that you need to know about Linux hosting in order to make a choice.

Pros of Linux hosting

  • You get Linux OS which is an open source operating system. This means that a bulk of your resources, tools and software programs will be free.
  • Linux hosting offers high security. You can easily customize your security settings.
  • It is cost effective. Being an open source, you don’t have to pay a licensing fee.
  • It supports numerous scripts. It’s important to check which scripts and applications you’re going to need before using Linux hosting. Linux web hosting supports PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python.

Cons of Linux hosting

  • You might face migration issues. If you are already using Windows for your hosting, switching over to Linux might take some time. It’s best to use Linux as a “starting point” for your server. Make sure to take backups of your data frequently.
  • There could be some issues with familiarity. Developing websites may take time, and a different operating system could require an extra learning curve.
  • Another con is that you will have to deal with installing applications. Some of these applications can end up costing you a monthly fee. This could add up to some extra costs.

Windows Hosting

Here are some pros and cons about Windows hosting.

Pros of Window Hosting

  • Windows web hosting is consistent and flexible.You can host numerous sites from a single tab. Windows web servers generate sub-domains that can run database-friendly (SQL Server (MS SQL)websites.
  • Windows hosting entails.Net Framework due to which it’s best for websites developed by using.Net, ASP and the Visual Basic Language. Visual Basic,ASP, and .Net Framework enables your website to work faster. Moreover, it’ll be less complicated for developers who are familiar with the platform.
  • This operating system comes with different settings and gives you an added piece of security.  In contrary to the Linux OS server platforms, you have to figure various things to disable many settings on your server.

Cons of Windows Hosting

  • You may face some compatibility issues with Windows hosting. However, fewer developers have run into this problem over the years.
  • As Windows web hosting is not free-licensed software, Windows servers are expensive than any other web hosting server. Companies have to pay a licensing fee in comparison to the Linux OS.
  • The security of Windows web server is average. It may lose its stability in case of breakdown and hence making the windows server to operate slowly and even attacked by malware and viruses. The windows web server may require frequent rebooting when it’s used for a long duration to avoid the server from hanging.

Linux Vs Windows Hosting

There isn’t a big difference between them. You can use any of the hosting package for your site. However, the correct criteria to choose a web hosting platform – Windows web hosting package or a Linux; it has nothing to do with your current system. Rather, you should make your decision on the basis of your site’s requirements.

  • Does your site rely on code language?

If your site relies on Windows-specific technologies like ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), it’s better to get a Windows web hosting package. This doesn’t mean that you can’t run these technologies on Linux, but if you need to use Windows-specific web technologies with Linux, you may face some compatibility issues.

  • Does your site relies on CMS – PHP, Perl, WordPress, Blogging Software, MySQL, etc?

If you want hosting for your blog, or sell things with a shopping cart, and don’t have any special requirements, Linux hosting will be the best option for you. Most of the free and commercial software, whether a blogging program or shopping cart prefer Unix-based system.

If you need PHP, Perl or a MySQL database for your site, a Linux or FreeBSD package will be perfect for you. You can also choose Windows hosting for PHP, Perl and MySQL. However, things work quite differently on Windows systems. For example, PHP/Perl scripts that are available on the Internet for download may require to be modified for windows based systems.

Lastly, both of these hosting services offer the same level of proficiency. So the type of hosting service you choose greatly depends on what kind of technologies your website needs. If you need more assistance in making a choice, contact us. Our professionals will gladly help you come to a decision.

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