3 WordPress Plugins That Simplify The Delivery Process

3 WordPress Plugins That Simplify The Delivery Process

There is a lot of e-shopping going on in these holiday seasons and it will just be wrong if we do not talk about how to simplify the Delivery process for businesses.

The 2020 Pandemic has brought out creativity in how the business provides customers access to their goods and services. There are two major ways Products get to customers. It is either the business ships and delivers the product to the customer or the customer comes to the store to pick up the product.

The delivery process could be manually done where the customers call up the store, and there is a vocal and almost physical conversation where the customer explains how he wants to get the service or product from the business. The delivery process can also be automatically integrated where the customer fills out a form, including his email, phone number, and address, on an Application or Website and the customer can get his specified product or service.

You will agree that the automated process saves the business resources, time, and a lot of back and forth between customers and whoever is on the business’s phone. If you are stuck up with the manual process of delivery, we have some good news for you.

There are many WordPress Plugins that can make the delivery or pickup process a lot easier for your business. When you use any of the Plugins we will be discussing you will be able to easily integrate multiple delivery and pickup options simultaneously into your website. Let us dive right into it.

Leave At the Door For WooCommerce

This plugin is free, so you can save some cash on this one, with an option for customers to get their goods delivered to them without them having physical contact with the delivery guy. This is a cool way to flatten the Pandemic curve. The administrator gets the confirmation email and the order email sent to his screen, then the customer can add further directions and instructions if need be.

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce

If you have several drivers, this is the plugin for you. The Delivery Drivers plugin allows you to assign specific orders to drivers and have those drivers update you or the administrator regarding the order status.

This plugin will allow you to keep an eye on your employees’ location and your orders as well. This will surely make your business run faster, enabling smoother running of your business. In a nutshell, this plugin gives you better driver management, and it also helps your dispatch drivers to better connect with your dispatch center and customers.

Curbside Pickup

The curbside Pickup is for your curbside service. This plugin is a complete pickup system that helps you manage your pickup experience, featuring custom pickup links for your customers and a dashboard for your staff.

This service simplifies the process by alerting your staff when customers arrive. It even allows your customers to select a parking space number and describe their vehicle. This plugin helps you stay compliant with COVID regulations.

The above-listed Delivery and Pickup plugins will satisfy your needs, which include but are not limited to organizing a pickup system at multiple locations, offering cash-only pickups, and facilitating curbside delivery.

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