5 Alternatives To WooCommerce Worth Looking Into

5 Alternatives To WooCommerce Worth Looking Into

WooCommerce is possibly the most popular e-commerce platform, and this is mostly because it’s the default shopping addon for WordPress. However, there are other alternatives to WooCommerce that are just as popular or not as popular but some of them actually have a more robust set of features.

Though, your choice shouldn’t be based on just the popularity of a platform more importantly on the feature set that your business needs.

Here are five options, in no particular order, that you can choose from depending on what you need for your eCommerce shop.

WP Easy Cart

The WP Easy Cart plugin may be a better choice for those looking to build an online store quickly in WordPress. Some may feel that the broad ecosystem of WooCommerce add-ons can be confusing and overwhelming, such that they may want an alternative that is easier to work around. The Easy Cart team has done quite a respectable job of providing solutions to most use cases that you may encounter.

The WP Easy Cart Premium version, which costs $99 yearly for the complete solution, is integrated with the following features: Authorize.net, SecurePay, ChronoPay, Realex Payments, Dwolla, Payment Express, Affiliate WordPress Integration, Mailster Newsletter Integration, Coupons/Gift Cards and so much more. If you were to use these add-ons on WooCommerce, you might have to pay for some of them as you are adding them on.


Some ten years ago, Ecwid used to be just an eCommerce widget, but they have grown into a broader platform that sells everywhere. The platform allows you to sell via your social media, the marketplaces and withing your website. There is also the point of sale (POS) integration as well as marketing tools in recent times. It is easy to use, and businesses that need a fast, all-in-one solution will find the Ecwid platform handy.

Big Commerce

The BigCommerce is an all-in-one, standalone eCommerce alternative to WooCommerce with a deep WordPress integration.

The service caters to large businesses while small stores are catered to by the lightweight version, BigCommerce Essentials. Users of this plugin will testify that the WordPress plugin will add “checkout, cart and product pages” automatically to your WordPress website.

The automatic feature does not stop users from adding other elements like products and reviews to any WordPress page or post.

The BigCommece platform is a viable choice for stores that are growing as users can delegate eCommerce to a third-party platform.

4 Shopify

Shopify is also an all-in-one, standalone alternative to WooCommerce catering to large, medium, and small stores alike. Shopify is devoid of any deep WordPress integrations, but the robustness of Shopify’s ecosystem cannot be denied.

Pairing a WordPress site with your Shopify store is a way to work around the WordPress integration defect. 

The Pro version of Shopify is the best to work with if you are looking to build a standard online store, but it is not a bad idea to try out the free version before making your choice.

5 Vcita

The Vcita platform includes a self-service platform, client management tools, billing and invoicing tools, scheduling software, and a mobile app as it was built to cater to service providers. 

The Vcita is ideal for professional services that need an all-in-one online solution. It is important to note that Vcita is a business management app that handles a lot of things behind the scenes.

Integrating Vcita with WordPress is easy, and it is not a bad idea, but it is not worth your time and financial resources. All you need is available on the Vcita platform.

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