How Customer Reviews Influence the Purchase Life Cycle

How Customer Reviews Influence the Purchase Life Cycle

Customer reviews can make or break any e-commerce website, especially if you are in a marketplace. Brands nowadays are built around services and support so you can not take the matter of your customer lightly. A customer review is a review of a product or service made by a customer who has purchased and used or had experience with, the product or service. Customer reviews are a form of customer feedback on electronic commerce and online shopping sites.

Make a list of places that you frequent to stop and think about why you keep going there. You will notice that it is one of these reasons;

  • The service is fast
  • The service is of high quality
  • The service is not expensive
  • The service is a luxury
  • The service is user-friendly
  • The brand has great customer service.

The chances that you will employ the services of the brand in the first instance is if someone told you something great about them or you read a great review online.

Personal research has shown that Customers are 70% more likely to drop a review when they are frustrated or dissatisfied with your product or service. This negative feedback could be very detrimental to the growth in your sales and impact your public image in a bad light when you do not appropriately handle the cases. A large number of online buyers will go on to the review section and, they will be on the lookout for negative reviews not only to see the issues the service or product has but subconsciously note how those cases were handled.

You should give attention to all of your reviews on the internet but those that get on your page, either your website or an online store you maintain on another e-commerce platform, should be given more attention. Star ratings are also as important as reviews. Star ratings are ways customers use to show their level of satisfaction without using words. one-star ratings without reasons are not as deadly as three-star ratings without reasons. You want to ask them why they were not satisfied with your service or why they gave the service or product a three-star rating. A one-star rating could be by a competitor so, you do not pay attention to that except those are the only ratings you have.

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