WordPress Introduces the New WordPress Simone

The year 2020 saw some civil rights movements, one of which is the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The revolutionary movement took the whole of America by storm. Companies and Sports clubs had to join the movement to show support. WordPress also showed support for the civil rights movement by calling the all-new WordPress 5.6 after the civil rights activist “Nina Simone.” Nina Simone is also an American singer and songwriter. 

WordPress Simone was released on the 8th of December 2020, and the future comes into focus with WordPress’s newest core release. WordPress Simone comes with several enhancements and bug fixes to help with user-experience on WordPress, but this update comes with some potential security risks. A feature that allows the creation of application passwords may pose a vulnerability risk to websites by malicious hackers. This update allows applications to create app-specific passwords and, execute some commands on behalf of users, all thanks to the WordPress REST API updates. There is a demonstration of how the application passwords are a risk on the YouTube Channel of WordFence. WordFence has helped to mitigate the risk of application passwords in their newest version.

The WordPress 5.6 Simone also comes with Shutterstock integration. On the 9th of December 2020, the Shutterstock partnership was publicized by Shuttershock. WordPress users will now have access to millions of images on Shutterstock due to this new WordPress plugin. Newsflash, the new plugin is made available in more than 20 languages. The Shutterstock plugin is not a free feature, but it is only available to the WordPress VIP community. Some of the features available on the new WordPress Shutterstock plugin are smart image search, user permission management, and license history download. We hope that this partnership paves way for more collaborations between WordPress and Shutterstock.

Another great news is that WP-GraphQL is now available in the WordPress Simone. Collaboration with development teams is one of the things that the GraphQL APIs encourage as the users continue to use the tools loved and known to them. In comparison to the WordPress API, GraphQL API has faster and more efficient functions. Digital agencies, development teams, and freelancers now use the GRaphQL to build javaScript apps in WordPress more efficiently.

WordPress is still in the second phase of their four-phased roadmap even with their new updates in the new WordPress 5.6 Simone. As WordPress sojourns through the four-phased road map, the users have been dealing with constant experiments, bug fixes, and changes, yet, they can only expect more changes from the WordPress team during the new year, 2021. There is a word that the WordPress teams are preparing a full website editing for production this year, 2021.

All the fixes, changes, and updates coming to WordPress are because WordPress focuses on creating a great user experience. To learn more about reliable web hosting plans for your websites, reach out to us on CharityHost today.

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