How to Become a Successful Online Coach

How to Become a Successful Online Coach

People with a lot of experience and drive often wonder how they can make money off their experience. The answer is usually to mentor others who have not attained your level of experience especially when you have lots of results to show for it.

This type of business is referred to as Online Coaching and this post will try to explain how you can become a successful online coach.

Stop Giving Excuses

Most people do not start anything off in life because they think about all the reasons why they should not or why what they are about to do is difficult or impossible. Guess what? Nothing good comes easy. Another common reason is “I am not ready yet”.

News flash! You do not need to be a ten-out-of-ten expert in a field to begin. Most especially you do not have to be a perfect coach to start out because there are no perfect coaches in the world. You do not even need a certificate to start because some, if not most, of your clients, are also without certificates anyway. This is however not to say certifications won’t give you a boost.

What Challenges Have You Overcome?

We, sometimes, do not know how we can be of help coach people and delve into so many books we do not actually relate with or ramp up skills and degrees in coaching. Start with you. What challenges have you been able to tackle and overcome? Someone out there is going through that same situation and will need your help to get through it.

People believe and connect to personal stories more than empty motivational speeches. They want to know what and how you overcame those same challenges that they are facing right now. It could be How you handled and overcame a harsh breakup, how you overcame self-esteem issues, your fears, divorce, and other issues in life.

When you want to learn how to play an instrument you do not go to meet the world’s best pianist to teach you. You meet with an average player of a musical instrument to teach you. That is how online coaching works as well.

Who Could I help With my Success Stories?

Who are the people that could profit from having someone like you mentor them? These people would be based on the challenges you have been able to overcome. For someone who has overcome such a harsh breakup, people who are suffering from a breakup will benefit a lot from having such a person coach them.

You should also focus on people that have buying power. You should rather focus on people who are working rather than high school kids. When you focus on people that have the purchasing power you will be able to charge appropriate prices which will help grow your brand as an online coach.

You should also consider charging high prices if not immediately, but with time. This is because the premium clients are willing to pay higher prices since they have more monetary leverage. This is usually because they are going to execute the lessons learned. Their execution will turn to testimonials and referrals for you which will grow your online coaching brand.

Go Online.

Your clients are online so you should be active on as many social media platforms as you can get on. Join Forums, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, make YouTube. Get the, on a call with you. You should get test clients first and offer them your services at a significantly lower price.

Let them know they are your first set of clients, let them know they are paying significantly lower, and invest all your knowledge gained from your experiences in them and ensure that they overcome those challenges you overcame.

You should also improve your expertise while getting paid. When you get paid by your first clients. Do not just squander the money. Invest in your brand and slowly increase your prices. Train other coaches along the line to get bigger and get in some passive income created.

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