How to Set up an Online Store Today

So you have that product or service and have been wondering on how to get started on selling to a global or local audience right from the comfort of your room, or home office? Well, your search ends here because I am about to share with you how to set up an online store today.

Before I go on, I will like to say there are various options to choose from, but I am sure you are here because you are cool and I will only share with you the coolest way of them all.

Get a Really Fast Web Hosting Account

I can categorically tell you that getting a fast web hosting account might be the most important step to take in your journey to getting your store today.

At CharityHost, we not only offer you a super-fast hosting account, we also guarantee extended support to help you every step of the way.

Choose a Web Store Engine

The next most important step is to choose a web store engine. The most popular engines will be discussed in another article. However, most people always want to choose between WordPress WooCommerce, and Magento.

While they are both good, you will want to choose by deciding what is best for your style, and by that I mean, where you want to manage your store from, how you wish to get support, and other things like that.

However, I reckon that since many people know how to use WooCommerce, it won’t be difficult finding help or direction with the platform.

Set up your home page

You want to make sure that your homepage is very intriguing and can easily help your visitors understand what you sell and how to make a purchase.

Some of the key elements to consider are:

  • Brand Identity
  • Explain why the should buy from you (Value Proposition)
  • Link for the product page or top selling items
  • Easy to see and use menu
  • Easy to see and Use Shopping Cart and Wishlist
  • Free Shipping Products
  • Sales and Specials
  • Contact Form
  • User Ratings
  • Money Back Guarantee

Add Products

The next step will be to add products and services. While doing this, you want to make sure that your products and services are well described and the pictures/graphics used are accurate.

You also want to keep stock of the products so that you don’t oversell and have to refund when you run out of stock.


You need to search engine optimize your site so that you can get found easily. There’s no point having a site when the only way to reach you is by typing in your URL. Here’s a post that covers why you need to do SEO.

Share your online store with your friends

Finally, your friends should be able to help out right? So you need to share links about you amazing new store on social media, and then ask your friends to also share them to their friends.

Remember how I said we have an amazing support system? Please do contact us right now if you are ready to start your online store today.

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