Top 5 Reasons why you Should Stop Using Shared Hosting

Top 5 Reasons why you Should Stop Using Shared Hosting

If you are thinking about or already using a shared hosting plan, which is also popularly known as an unlimited plan, for your website you should think twice.

In this post, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why you should stop using shared hosting.

Before you go ahead with this post. we know it is very possible you feel this is a sales pitch to make you buy a more expensive hosting plan but think about this if shared hosting is so great, why isn’t any of the popular websites like Google or Facebook using it?

Now, let’s get started by letting you know why shared hosting is a scam and why we as an honest web hosting company will not be selling such.

If you want to learn what shared hosting is, please read this post that also explains what shared hosting is for.

Low Speed

If you choose shared hosting for your website you will discover that the speed at which the website loads its pages and other elements is pretty slow compared to the sites that are using managed hosting.

If you are trying to grow a business online, how fast your website loads can be a major deal-breaker since 40% of web users will most likely abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

In addition to this, it is estimated that you lose 7% of your users for every second it takes for your site to load. We don’t need to tell you that those numbers are absolutely bad for business.

Bad Security

With shared hosting, your website and a bunch of unknown websites are going to be sharing a common space in a single server.

If a website you are sharing with is hacked, crashed, or compromised, there is a pretty high chance that your website will be affected as well since it will be exposed to that same risk.

In essence, bad security for one site on the server means can affect you too.

Lack of Scalability

With shared hosting, because you are sharing all the resources with other users your traffic cannot exceed a particular level without having bad effects on others.

Here is why your website might lose speed or experience downtime when your website unexpectedly exceeds a certain amount of visitors per month.

While some web hosts advertise this as unlimited hosting, some others appear to be more ethical and state that you actually get shared hosting. All the same, it is not a good idea for a business to run on shared hosting services.

Please note that once you start to exceed the limits of the server that you are sharing then your website/traffic growth diminishes.

You will most likely get stuck at some stage and wish you had moved away from a shared hosting plan sooner.

We will advise that as soon as you can, you should upgrade to a better hosting service like the cloud or dedicated hosting.

This is definitely more expensive but often affordable and provides a difference in quality.

Poor Customer Support

One thing that people using shared hosting do not realize is that they do not get great support. The difference in class will definitely be noticed as soon as you migrate to a more robust hosting option.

While on shared hosting, it is popular for support to want to push your request through to a bot or a knowledgebase where you are expected to figure out stuff on your own since there are most likely a couple of other people that are requesting the help that you also need.

Managed Hosting Offers a Lot More

A managed hosting service will always trump any shared hosting plan as you will have some resources that are dedicated to your website and is exclusive for your use.

There are lots of managed hosting options that you can go for based on your budget and needs. We are always ready to recommend the best hosting package for you that will ensure your top website performance.

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