Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

You’re here because you have a WordPress website or because you want to start using or migrate to WordPress based site. Whatever the case might be, one thing is for sure, the security of your website is important to you.

You totally should be concerned about the security of your website as the number of websites getting hacked has been on the increase every single day.

Before going ahead, we ask that you save yourself some stress by having us manage your Website security when you choose any of our Engineering ++ options.

If you’ll rather do that yourself, the least we can do is to point you in the right direction. So, here’s our list of top 5 WordPress security plugins in no particular order.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a full-included security module for WordPress destinations from the site evaluating organization Sucuri. The fundamental adaptation of Sucuri is free, and clients can likewise buy an excellent variant with extra highlights.

The two versions of Sucuri incorporate security action reviewing, document observing, and malware examining. Sucuri’s premium version subsumes third-party highlights, for example, Google Site Perusing and McAfee Site Consultant. Sucuri gives prompt email notice of dubious action, as well as blacklist monitoring.


This free WordPress plugin offers non-stop malware checking, spam, bot-blocking, and two-factor confirmation for all clients.

WordFence checks a website’s host for potential “backdoors” that might put webpages at hazard and permits clients to piece activity from particular sources and nations if desired. The malware scanner plugin too sends moment mail notices of conceivable security breaches.

All in One WordPress Security and Firewall

This free plugin is anything but difficult to introduce and use without coding or developer experience. Across the board, WP Security Firewall filters locales for security shortcomings. The plugin also suggests preventive measures, and screens account activity.

This powerful plugin additionally mechanizes reinforcements and plays out some programmed fixes when it recognizes the presence of malware. This particular WP security module works with many other plugins and sends quick email updates when required.

iThemes Security malware scanner

iThemes Security malware scanner is accessible from iThemes in free and premium types. This plugin highlights filtering with programmed fixes for site security issues additionally bans bots, spam, and clients who have assaulted other websites.

The premium version incorporates extra security highlights counting a solid secret password generator, planned malware scans, and a dashboard gadget for overseeing all functions.

Shield Security

Shield Security plugin offers fundamental site security measures. After introducing the plugin, the primary thing that you would take note of is the list of potential security issues found on your site.

It also suggests measures you can take to secure your website while providing the following features; WordPress Core Scanning, Monitoring User Activities, Themes & Plugins Vulnerability Scanner, Shield Security Settings Import & Export.

WordPress powers millions of expert and individual sites the world over and these sites can become focuses for malevolent movement.

Cybersecurity specialists caution that it is impractical to ensure that a webpage is safe from hacking and other website security issues. The best WordPress security plugins can provide comprehensive, customizable solutions to protect your website from cyber threats of all kinds

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