What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

What You Must Know Before Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

We want to help you understand what web hosting is and how the Webhosting industry works so that you can be sure to align with a quality Web hosting company that will be there for you for your long-term success.

As you already know, Webhosting is the virtual real estate that your website lives on. Building a website will require you to have a Web host whether you are using Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, or WordPress as the website builder.

There is some misunderstanding about what is going on in the Webhosting world. A lot of sub-par Webhosting companies that pay affiliates big-time commissions are heavily promoted, and they usually have more visibility than the great Webhosting companies.

Web hosting companies are meant to use high-performance servers to host your website so that it is not just fast, but also secure and always available. So that if someone decides to visit your website at 3:00 in the morning they will be able to view it and it doesn’t matter if your computer is turned on or not.

To be honest, when a typical Web hosting company starts, they are pretty much okay. They build their Webhosting service up through effective and efficient services. They do not overload the servers, and everyone has an amazing experience.

A good way that web hosting companies use to get loads of staff by selling the most unrealistic offer. The most unrealistic offer that web hosting companies claim to always sell is “Unlimited Hosting

As we always ask, if unlimited hosting was really unlimited, why is Facebook, or Google, or Forbes using it? There must be a lot of things that are wrong about it. We are a web hosting company that thrives in selling honest and performance web hosting services and we can guarantee you that there’s nothing called unlimited web hosting.

In fact, we can tell you categorically that unlimited hosting is the most limited hosting service you can find anywhere.

If you want to improve your website performance, your web admin will always recommend that you switch from shared hosting to either cloud or dedicated hosting so you can be sure you are not sharing your resources with anyone.

In case you need a quick list of our points in this post, here’s it:

  • Ask how the web host performs before purchasing a hosting package.
  • Make sure the web host has not been bought over by a bigger web hosting company that sells unlimited/shared hosting packages.
  • Make sure the web host doesn’t sell unlimited hosting packages.
  • Make sure the web hosting technology can serve all your hosting needs.
  • Look out for generic responses when communicating with the support team.

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