Why You Should Not Host Email on Your Web Hosting Server

Why You Should Not Host Email on Your Web Hosting Server

This posts if for you if you want to understand why you should not host email on your web hosting server.

Hosting your email on the same server as your website comes with its demerits and we would like to discuss them here.

Several years has been in the bag of experience, hosting websites for clients, and trust us when we say it’s easy to add email hosting to your web hosting when you are not receiving any serious email but when you are actively using the email accounts that are attached to your domain, it’s often better to host your email outside your web hosting platform.

Hosting websites and emails together for companies has become more challenging in recent times. A growing company will employ more staff, and contract more vendors; and with these; email becomes very important in dealing with the business for the company. The challenge is not in the structure of the email or the frequency and database of emails. The challenge lies with the technology that surrounds emailing, which has changed considerably.

Emails are getting used more and more often in businesses worldwide. This increase in demand for business-grade emails comes with a corresponding rise in expectations as well.

As of 2019, Statistica reported 3.9 billion emails being in use, and it is estimated that customers check their business emails 209 times per day and personal emails 143 times per day. The evident statistics beg the question, “Why should I not host my email and website on the same web server?”

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Using a POP3email that comes with your web hosting used to be alright but being the one-way technology that it is, it is not sufficient for synchronization across devices. POP3 was okay, back in the day, when emails were only checked on the one Desktop Computer we had. Now, mobile technology has helped us access our email on multiple devices. We can access the same email on our computers as well as on our cell phones, notebooks, and iPads simultaneously. Systems like Gmail and Outlook have made this possible.

Reliability into perpetuity.

It has become essentially crucial that your email works 24/7 in the present-day business world. Your email going down for more than 3 to four hours can cost you a lot of money. Support is more specific, real-time, and helpful when your email is being serviced by a company that is focused solely on email. Working mainly to keep your email server working turns out to be more productive than making sure that your email and website are working.


The most difficult part about switching web hosting companies is switching your emails. Having your email separate from your web host can relieve you of a lot of stress when you want to change hosts.

The stress of having to make sure there is either nothing on the servers and that you have all of them downloaded or a way to back up your accounts is enough to make one keep one’s email server different from that of the website.

To make things way much easier, consider hosting your email with Google, Zoho, or Microsoft. They have robust business email hosting platforms that will solve more than email hosting for you at a really good price.

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