How to Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

How to Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

E-commerce is on the rise as the world is now Digital. However, most eCommerce websites are using the same boring Shopify or Woocommerce templates.

To be candid, a lot of eCommerce websites look the same and don’t provide anything spectacular. The big question now is, how do we break away from the norm?

We want to suggest some ways that can be used to break out of the norm and make your eCommerce store stand out.

Most product pages do not stand out because the focus is on the packaging, ingredient, and general presentation.

By default, product descriptions are boring and most customers will never really read through them. A better way to tackle this is to tell a story. Give background about the product, tell your visitors more about how the product was made, and how certain features are great to use.

You can tell a more detailed product story that will help the customers understand the full value of what they are about to purchase in a way they can easily understand. Not a long list of descriptions that more than half of your visitors will find absolutely boring.

You can also use various media types to tell your story. Picture carousels and video demos can do this job.

Another approach is to show a 3D picture that will show various parts of a product that a customer can easily interact with to see various intricacies that are part of the design.

Let us take an example of the product page of a car. Here are some elements that can be part of the product page to make it stand out from the crowd.

Photo Carousel: This will show a photo slideshow of various parts of the car from the front to the side views the interiors and all else that the customers need to see.

Video Demo: The video demo can be a clip that showcases all the interesting features that make up the selling point of the car.

Popular Opinion: You can also have a video/text description of what a popular figure that has tested the car has to say about the car.

Production Story: Give your customers an insight into how the car was produced, why was the car produced, who was it produced for as well as some of the coolest features that your prospective user will find interesting.

Immersive 3D experience: The product page can also have a launchable web app that is an immersive environment where users can play with the car by looking at the car from all angles, opening the doors, testing out basic functions, or even checking out the car from the driver or passenger seats.

Here are just a few ways to ensure that the consumer journey is more enjoyable and well-understood instead of having the regular list of technical jargon that most end-users do not care about.

If all this feels complicated and you need to find a web host that can make all this more possible for you. Be rest assured that you are in the right place. Contact Us Today.

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  1. It’s not often that we come across content that really resonates with us, but this one is a standout. From the writing to the visuals, everything is simply wonderful.

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