The Top and Best Features You Need from Your Webhost

The Top and Best Features You Need from Your Webhost

When it comes to hosting your website, there are some features you need to be certain of, especially since these are things you will definitely need help with at some point down the line.

We have helped you compile the top and best features you need from your web host as a way to provide guidance while deciding what web hosting company you should be using.

Great Technical Support

At the top of the list of things you should consider as part of the best features you need from your web host is great and prompt technical support.

The thing is, most web hosts have great support, however, the great support is mostly for billing and basic issues, while technical stuff is only escalated after the General support staff can’t handle the basics.

What this means for you is that if a general support ticket will take 1 day to be resolved, a technical support ticket will take about 2 days or more for issues to be resolved.

Stability and Performance

If visitors to your website see the “not able to access site” error message often, you are either using a plan that’s not great for you or you are using a web host where the servers are not reliable and/or have a low configuration.

It is important to ensure that your web host has a plan that fulfills your technology, storage, and network speed needs before you decide to buy a hosting plan.

Managed Engineering

If you are looking for a hosting plan that supports high-traffic performance sites and Full-Stack applications, what you need is a service provider that delivers a Managed Engineering experience.

This will use the latest state-of-the-art automation and configuration methods and Linux, networking, windows appliances, and tools to get your high-traffic sites and full-stack applications running in excellent conditions.

You can learn more about our Managed Engineering services here.

High-Speed Bandwidth

When your site is not getting loads of traffic, you are ok with an averagely good bandwidth experience until one day you get a surge in traffic and your hosting package can not handle the high traffic that’s flowing in.

When you use a web host with low bandwidth, it’s often one of the reasons responsible for a low Y-slow score in speed ranking which naturally translates to a longer page load time.

Make sure you check bandwidth statistics for your web host especially when you are on a service that promises “unlimited” web hosting packages.

SSD Disks

If your web host is not using SSD disks to serve your website, you are probably using s hosting company from the 1900s.

SSDs, short form for Solid State Drives, are the latest big advancement in data storage technology. Web hosting, they mean faster and more reliable hosting for your website.

SSDs use flash storage technology and this makes them significantly faster than HDDs.

Highly Available and Redundant Virtualization Cloud

With Virtualization technology, web hosts are able to provide virtual site copies that switch seamlessly when a need for them so arises.

At CharityHost we ensure that our Virtualization cloud system is highly available and redundant meaning that should anything happen with our main servers, our virtualization cloud will kick in and continue serving your site with no visible sign to you or your site visitors.

Easy to Install and Manage Hosting OS and Control Panel

Now, this is probably the most significant part of the user experience for an end-user trying to sign up for a web host.

We understand at CharityHost that the Hosting OS and Control Panel need to be easy to manage and install and shouldn’t be a learning curve for the site owner, that’s why we do our best to ensure the best user experience is available in addition to our awesome technical support system.

If you will like to look at our hosting plans, please click here.

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