Why you Need a Website for Your Podcast

Why you Need a Website for Your Podcast

Podcasts are increasingly becoming popular and with that popularity comes stiffer competition to get noticed and seen by millions of people that want to engage with your content of content that is similar to yours.

While you don’t need a website to get started with your podcast, since there are many free and paid hosts to choose from, you do need to have a marketable stage that you have control over to publish and market your podcast.

In this post, we will highlight some of the reasons why you need a website for your podcast.

Improve your Branding

When you have your podcast website, you improve your branding and make it easier not just for people to notice you, but to also engage with your brand. You have a central page where your active and prospective listeners and get all the information that you want them to have about your podcast including listening options, contact details, offers you selling, collaborations, and any other information you would like to project to the world as a brand while having total control of the narrative.

Make your Content Search Friendly

With having a website for your podcast, you are a step closer to world domination and more so if you have your keywords set properly. People are not just able to find your podcast by name but they are also able to find individual episodes by keywords through an online search.

This is even easier when your website is built with Content Management Software like WordPress and you have an SEO plugin to help you properly rank for keywords.

You can imagine driving an extra 2% traffic each month just from searching along hundreds of episodes, that’s a constant stream of new listeners to your podcast each month on autorun!

Helps with Product/Service Promotion

Having a website is especially great if you have products/services to sell to the public. You can leverage the traffic coming to your website to pitch your product, service, or any other offers to your visitors.

You are able to test various marketing strategies on your website and end up coming up with a great solution that you can always build on

Build Email List

You can also put a form to collect emails from your site visitors so that they can get access to bonus content, notifications on new shows, or get more information about any other marketing campaign you might want to spread.

Now that we’ve settled some of the great reasons why you need a podcast for your website, what are some of the things you need to include on your website?

Subscription Options

You need to give your listeners, a great way to listen to your podcast and this includes a podcast player on the landing page as well as links to various podcast players and apps that they can choose from. You want to make sure you list a good number of podcast players so that there is a higher chance that they can find their favorite podcast app on the list.

Episode Notes

Making episode notes ensure that all episodes of your podcast are searchable online helping drive in that extra organic traffic that you need to also reach a new highly targeted audience.


Ensure that your listeners are able to sign up to your email list so that you can always reach out to them as a means of providing more value, sending updates, and sending out promotions and adverts.

About Page

Let your listeners know about you and the story behind your podcast in this edition. You can have short bios of each guest in the episode note where they are featured.

You can check out these Webhosting options if you are looking to start a website for your podcast

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