Secrets To Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

Secrets To Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

Most articles, blogs, and videos about growing your website and blog pretty much say the same thing, which is this “The key to growing a blog is to publish high-quality content consistently.” Publishing high-quality content consistently does not always work. But could there be a few untold secrets to getting more traffic to your blog?

Recent times have come to show that, publishing a few high-quality and epic posts and heavy or mild promotions will do far better than a lot of high-quality content with no promotions. You should have figured out one secret by now, Promotions.

There are some promotional strategies we are going to be sharing in this post, and we are hoping that you will take advantage of this to grow your website and blog in the coming year.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to get traffic and backlinks to your blog. However, there is only one problem with this strategy. It is hard to get people from your guest post to your website. An industry study revealed that the average referral traffic gotten from guest posts is just 50 visitors.

There is a way around this that posses to be a solution, “Guest post bonuses.” With a guest post bonus, you do not just add a link to your website or blog at the bottom of your post instead you offer up something that will make someone want to visit your website after they finish reading your post.

Update and Improve Old Blog Content

One of the big names in the blogging industry decided to take on a personal project to update and improve all the old blog content on his blog. The project proved to boost his overall traffic by over 25 percent compared to the previous year. On the surface that may be a small number, but the extra 25% equals 401,322 new visitors to his site that particular year. 

How do you begin this project? Go to the last page of your blog, which shows your very first post. Update and improve the very first post on your blog. You may notice that the information on the particular blog post is obsolete and may not make much sense in recent times. After finishing with the update, you should push the changes live and change the last updated date in WordPress.

Leave Super Helpful Comments On Other Blogs

Leaving helpful comments that add to a discussion on a blog and leaving supporting comments for bloggers that you want to build a relationship with will help you get on the radar screen of other people without being a pushy jerkface. These comments can lead to invitations to write a guest post or even feature on someone’s podcast.

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