The Best WordPress Plugins to use in 2023

There are tons of WordPress Plugins that small businesses can choose from to help their businesses can choose from today to help them with web designs, social media, product or service payments, and managing customer services, among other things. Choosing the best WordPress plugins can be so overwhelming, that is why we have come up with a list of the best plugins you can have installed on your WordPress websites in 2023.

Yoast or RankMath for SEO

You can not afford to discard optimizing your website content for SEO if you want your website content to rank higher in important and related searches in the industry that your business is operating.

Yoast is a customer favorite among a lot of businesses in the world today because it is very useful, especially regarding Search Engine Optimization. It has helped several companies rank first on Google for competitive keywords in their respective industry. Ranking first, or even first page, on Google search can and will drive millions of organic traffic to your websites. This, in turn, can and will convert to sales up to the tune of millions. Yoast makes it easier to create perfectly SEO optimized content and pages. The plugin will tell you the exact tweaks you need to make before publishing your blog post or webpage.

Rank Math is very impressive as it gives a lot of premium features for free while leaving the most advanced features for premium users. What makes this plugin much more interesting is that it gives a numerical value for all components of SEO so that you can have a score that users can use to measure how great their optimization is per page.

Elementor and Beaver Builder for Page Building

Usually, small businesses do not consider a full-time web developer as an option, but thanks to WordPress, building a website without hiring a business developer has become possible. You no longer need to hire a web developer before you build a website with the aid of plugins.

Elementor assists several businesses in our world today to create a web presence without having to hire a developer. The website builder is incredibly easy to use. With Elementor, you can build a website from scratch in just two days. It also helps you to build your website, and its pages, just the way you want it to be. Elementor also helps several websites to improve their overall speed.

Beaver Builder is a good choice for creating a website as well. For many businesses around the world, Beaver Builder is the best plugin for building websites. Beaver Builder is great for site speed and easy for scaling up because it allows for conditional logic to apply specific templates to specific products, categories, and pages. Businesses should try using either of the website builders in 2021.

WP-Optimize and AMP for Website Speed and Mobile Performance

We cannot stress enough how website speed can help with search rankings and customer retention. Website builders will tell you that Optimizing the speed of a WordPress website is about the very best way to improve user experience on your website.

Using the image compression feature on WP-Optimize to decrease the volume of heavy multimedia files on your website will go a long way in improving your website’s speed. Using a caching plugin also helps with improving the speed of your website. You can try this by exporting a lighter version of your site from your website’s database of saved HTML pages.

You can use AMP to help your website’s performance on smartphones and other mobile devices. If used well, your mobile pages can even load faster than their desktop counterparts. AMP tries to rid the website’s mobile versions of everything unnecessary. Making the desktop and mobile versions of your websites load faster will make your customers happy and help with your ranking on Google.

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